One day, while perusing the amazing dresses at Hey Sailor, I bumped into this brilliantly shining bombshell.  

I didn’t literally bump into her, but that would have been pretty fun!  I mean, look at her!

I love the expression on Alli’s face!  

That sassy expression, the dress, that lip colour, THAT HAIR!

Most of Alli’s family is from Connecticut, but she was born and raised in Thunder Bay.

She has three children, all of whom have red hair!  Talk about red hair overload!

About ten years ago, this fiery lady started a theatrical group called Frankly Scarlet Productions.  As the leader and director, she has organized many different kinds of events, most notably, an annual burlesque show with over a dozen local performers.  The Frankly Scarlet Productions Facebook page isn’t up to date, but you’d be in for a treat if you visit Les Coquettes Rouges at their page for some good burlesque fun!

Alli doesn’t perform in the burlesque show but she organizes everything and writes the dialogue.  To say their performances are delightful would be a huge understatement!

Alli has also organized annual V-day events through Frankly Scarlet Productions, in order to raise awareness and funds for women and girls who’ve been the victims of violence and abuse.

Alli battled cancer a few years ago and kicked it square in the butt!  She came out the other side with resilience and determination.  

How scary it must have been to be fighting for your life while trying to mother three precious children.  I can’t even imagine the fortitude this woman posesses.  

Regardless of the hardships Alli has experienced, she’s still smiling.  

She lives each day determined to treat each person with compassion; Alli does her best to see the good in everyone.  She’s quick to hand out kindness and slow to judge.  

Thank you Alli.

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