Born and raised in Eagle River, Ashley is new to Thunder Bay!  

New as in, she moved here 12 years ago!

I first met her almost a year ago at an art sale.  She is an amazing artist, specializing in paint and woodwork…and sometimes painting ON woodwork.  Ashley’s artwork focuses on the natural world: rustic driftwood, paddles, and round slices of tree sections, plus deeply magical midnight colour schemes.

When I finally met Ashley I was actually surprised to see her selling art because I was under the impression that she was a musician.

Well, can’t a person be both?

Ashley is definitely an artist in every sense of the word.  In addition to painting and creating, she is also a singer and a dancer.  A real honest-to-goodness triple threat.

It would be intimidating to merely stand in Ashley’s presence if she wasn’t so personable, delightful, and utterly hilarious.

Ashley sings on her own or with musical friends, often playing fun percussion items such as a tambourine, a washboard, and a suitcase kick.  She plays the mandolin too but that’s just not as exciting compared to a suitcase, if you ask me.

Ashley has been to just about every public school in the city and surrounding areas, teaching almost every grade about cultural Métis dancing.  In some circles she’s even known as the Jigging Métis.

Please enjoy this series of Ashley sampling an after work cocktail.  The lighting isn’t the best but it’s a cuteness overload of the highest degree.

Ashley is currently working for the MTO and recently graduated with a degree in civil engineering. 

It’s nothing but non-stop adventures with this one!  Having recently returned from Dryden Ontario’s first ever Pride event, Ashley and her fiancée are gearing up for Thunder Bay’s annual Pride festivities.  Then planning for a wedding in the fall, the adventure continues!

Ashley is such a great role model.  She seeks to find the positive and overcome the negative.  Happy Pride to this beautiful rainbow!


  1. One of the most special people in my life! She brings joy and love to everyone she meets. I am blessed to know her.

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