When I first started taking pictures of people, late last summer, I neglected to write down some names.  Thus began a scramble of detective wizardry to try to find who I’d photographed.

I figured out most of the names, but alas, I must now admit to a certain amount of disorganization.  I didn’t take notes about the photo subjects during my inaugural search.  I was confident I’d be able to find them people later.  

Pride goes before the fall?

At least I’m learning!  Write down all names and take notes immediately unless absolutely confident the information can be obtained at a later time.

Let me now present to you some lovely people who were kind enough to pose for a picture without knowing that I’d be unable to give them a proper write-up!

Evan and his sister:

Happy siblings having coffee at St Paul Roastery!  They seemed delightful.  I thought I’d be able to easily find them for a follow up interview.  My bad.  I can’t remember the sister’s name though. *hanging my head in shame*



The 16th picture I took, back in September 2016.  She was working on her lifestyle/fashion/wellness blog in St Paul Roastery.  The blog is called Her Everyday Life and it’s totally gorgeous.  I loved the picture created here in the coffee shop of Savannah hard at work and looking fabulous.  As you can see, I did find her blog again, after forgetting what it was called, so I could have easily browsed through the ‘about me’ section and written a lovely blog post about Savannah, but doing so felt disingenuous.  



I took her picture at a fundraiser last fall (special appearance by number 58 in the background) and she was more than happy to pose a silly pose for me.  Allie teaches music and French at my children’s old school and she is a complete and total delight.  I couldn’t find out any additional details.



She was in Sweet North waiting to be interviewed.  I took her picture with the promise that I’d find her after she was hired.  Well… I couldn’t find her!  But I’ve heard she’s working at Uptown Cut now so I don’t need to feel too guilty and embarrassed.  I hope she’s doing awesome at work and at play!


My apologies to these lovely ladies (and gentleman) for dropping the ball on you.  

Big time ball dropper!

I’m learning as I go along!

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