What a treat it was to run into Caycie at St Paul’s Roastery!

I can’t get enough of her glasses, that adorable haircut, that red lip, and her marvellously fierce business casual style.  

She’s literally ALL THAT and a bag of chips. 

You might take one look at Caycie and think, awwww so cute!  But don’t think that!  

I can think it because this is my blog, but everyone else should look at Caycie and think, whoa, this woman means business!  Criminal defence attourney business to be precise!

Originally from Winnipeg, Caycie fell in love with the beautiful nature of Northwestern Ontario and decided she wanted to put down a few roots here.  We are so glad she did!

With a law degree from York University, Caycie has a strong background in social justice and First Nations and M├ętis issues.  She is also on the board of the Northern Ontario Women’s Centre and The Elizabeth Fry Society of Northwestern Ontario.

Shall I continue?

Caycie also teaches part time at Con College, instructing for the International human rights and Indigenous Peoples course.  Then there is the book club she runs for female offenders, at the local correctional institution.

I don’t see how she has any spare time, but I think she does.  I’ve been told Caycie enjoys reading, running, and hiking, as well as spending as much time as possible with her dogs Sylvia and Elsie.  

Sylvia is a bulldog and Elsie is a boxer and yes, they were named after characters on Coronation Street!

What a blessing it is to know that Thunder Bay has such a talented and devoted woman in our midst.  

Thank you Caycie.

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