If you’re looking for a great salon to help you with your hair needs and you’re also interested in environmental safety, you’ll be delightful to discover Transitions Hair Salon.

If you don’t care about the environment, you’ll probably still like this little salon. Just don’t tell Courtney or she might “accidentally” dye your hair pink!

Transitions Hair Salon opened on July 6th in 2008.  The nine year anniversary is coming up very soon!  You have to wonder if Courtney ever imagined that she’d be approaching a decade of business ownership, back when she was a high school student sweeping up Hair.  

Here’s a detailed list of things Transitions Hair Salon does to make a difference.  Courtney cares very deeply about the environment and tries to remain true to her convictions in all areas of her life.

Courtney lives with her daughter and partner and they love planting all kinds of herbs and vegetables.  

All these years in business and I still haven’t received a haircut from Courtney.  Don’t let that happen to you!  Visit the Facebook page and make an appointment as soon as you can!

Well done, young and dedicated entrepreneur!  Transitions Hair Salon is well on its way to being a city staple.  It’s already a neighbourhood staple.

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