This is Duran.  

He’s hungry like the wolf.  

Hah!  Bet he’s never heard that one before!

I lose points for originality.  

However, I have it on pretty good authority that Duran was actually conceived while his parents were listening to Hungry Like The Wolf by Duran Duran.  True story.

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Duran grew up with one older brother.  These days he’s known as Uncle D by his two adorable nieces.  

Duran studied biology as Lakehead University and went on to work for a biotech company developing early detection cancer tests.  Unfortunately the company lost funding and Duran was left wondering if he should search for another job in the same field or return to school.

While he was pondering his options, a temporary job was secured as a bartender at The Tomlin.  Duran discovered that he really enjoyed the restaurant industry and loved working with food and drink.  He’s now the head bartender at The Tomlin and has no plans to leave.  He’s learned that it’s a great fit and he’s having lots of fun!

Duran’s favourite cocktail to drink at home is The Negroni and his favourite concoction to make at work is The Amaro.  There’s bourbon and bitters and simple syrup in that drink but you’ll have to boogie on down do The Tomlin where Duran will be able to whip one up for you!

I enjoyed meeting Duran while dining downtown.  He was so good natured and supremely knowledgeable about the food and libations he was serving.  

Thank you Duran!

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