At first I thought she was twins!

One day I’m seeing her scoop gelato at Prime, the next day I’m talking to her about delectable gourmet cheese at The Cheese Encounter.  Not twins though.  One woman, two jobs!

I’m not sure what she thinks of this picture, to be honest, but I love it! It’s one of my favourite pictures I’ve taken for People of Port Arthur! 

So sassy and so cool.  The epitome of badassery.  It’s no-nonsense Ida.  Don’t get on her bad side. As Shakespeare said, “She may be small but she is fierce!”

Ida went to school for English and Sciences and then later moved to studying travel and tourism.  

Like many people, Ida’s present employment doesn’t completely reflect her post secondary education.  It’s not a unique situation as many people don’t work in the field of their original study.

I feel like Ida is only beginning to discover her passion.  Perhaps it’s local food? Maybe one day her experience will lead to a small eatery or product development.  Or maybe her passion for photography will continue in projects such as product pictures for local companies.  Check out the photography Ida did for Frape and Sons Boutique Bitters here!

Ida has a teeny tiny chihuahua named Chico. I picture pint-sized Ida walking down the street with her pint-sized pup.  Both project personalities of grandeur and capability: a powerhouse duo positively oozing with resplendence!

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