These love birds are in the thick of it!  A little toddler with a baby on the way!  

How do all the best couples in Northwestern Ontario meet?  

Why in a sauna of course!

Yes, seriously.  They met in a sauna.  Not even joking.

Brenden was born in Southern Ontario and grew up with one sister. He spent some time as a young adult living in British Columbia, where he established himself as a respected chef at fine dining locales.  

He moved to the area about ten years ago where he continued to expand upon his cooking career, working at remote mining camps providing food for the staff.  It was certainly a difference from the fine dining he had experienced at the beginning of his career.  But different doesn’t mean bad.  

A few years ago, Brenden decided to be really different and began studying to be a paramedic.  He’s been serving the area for two years now and goes wherever he’s needed.

Jacquie comes from a bigger family, two sisters and a brother, all born in Thunder Bay.  As a young adult, she moved to Australia to work for the clothing company Billabong, then spent some time in Alberta before eventually moving back.  

Jacquie worked for the child welfare system for a few years then decided to quit and focus on her own business full time.  Jacquie is extremely talented and very creative and was earning a livingby selling  hand crocheted items such a giant octopuses and little booties, with the addition of olive wood teething rings for babies.

Jacquie put a pin in her business, Little Luna Bloom as it was known, to focus on being a mom.  As previously mentioned, there’s a toddler and a baby due any second now!  

Well, due in a few weeks, but you never know…

But Jacquie is also momming a different variety of baby too!  This family shares its home with two veiled chameleons, two panther chameleons, one box turtle, and one fish.  What a menagerie! 

Believe it or not, the fish is actually most demanding of all the little creatures.

Jacquie has high hopes that her chameleon children will breed soon and then the house will just be bursting with babies!

Can we officially call her an Earth Mama?  

Earth Mama and her husband the healer?

What a beautiful family.  

So friendly, so down to earth, so full of fun!  Best wishes to you all in the coming weeks as you welcome a new addition!

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