I love Elfarrow Apparel, that’s definitely not a secret.  I’m pretty sure Jami thought I was hiding secrets though…

See, I recognized her from Grade 9, also known as a lifetime ago.  And then I worked with her sister.  And then I worked with her mother!  Jami must have been a little concerned by how much I knew about her family.  

Whoops!  Thunder Bay really is a small town, isn’t it?!

A lot has happened in that decade since my job with Jami’s mother ended.

For starters, Jami is doing an amazing job selling these beautiful clothes at Elfarrow.

Jami has two children with her partner and she is dedicated to teaching them all about our beautiful world.  They grow a family garden together and are having a great time learning about where vegetables come from.

Jami has also been working so hard at University in recent years.  She is currently an SSP (a student support person) with the school board, working one on one with children who have disabilities.  

This is while working on a four year program at Lakehead, studying psychology and biology.  The long term goal is to be a biology teacher.  I think this is something Jami could really make happen!

Jami is obviously busy (going to school, working two jobs, chasing two kids) but it’s quite evident how dedicated and excited she is about chasing her dreams.

What an inspiration!  Thank you for such great chat, Jami.  One part interview, one part catch up since high school.  

So lovely!

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