I’ve heard it mentioned, in certain circles, that Julia should be known as Ms Port Arthur.  

Not like a performer who’s won a beauty pageant (though it’s clear she’s easy on the eyes) but rather a person who’s really involved in the betterment of her city and her neighbourhood.

Plus, everybody knows her!

Well I don’t know her aside from our one encounter, but everybody else knows her.

Julia was born and raised in Thunder Bay and was a practicing social worker for ten years.  It was last year that Julia decided to temporarily shift her focus and get back to the roots, so to speak.  

A shift from helping individuals on a very personal level to helping an entire community through grassroots farm work and learning about where the food we consume actually comes from.

Julia spent a good year working very hard as the program development facilitator for Roots to Harvest.  

She has since returned to social work, but it’s pretty obvious, community activism is very important to Julia; she has several groups which call to her and take up her spare time.  For instance, she was instrumental in creating the Die Active Art Collective and she was on the Thunder Bay Walking With Our Sisters committee.

A busy woman who loves where she lives and loves to help.  

A lot of people complain about where they live but Julia actually gets involved.  Her hard work and dedication really make a difference and our community is better because she’s here.

Julia also loves bicycles and cats.  I wonder if she’s ever biked WITH a cat…

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