Well.  Laura is small.  

That’s pretty much it.

Just kidding!

You know what they say about small packages, of course.  Good things come in them.

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Laura grew up with a younger sister, a mom and dad, and a passel of fun aunties, uncles, and cousins.  

She attended Confederation College for social work and spent some time in Southern Ontario studying photography at Fanshawe College.  

Laura is a single mom of twin girls; she is pictured below with one of the twins.

Which twin is it?  Even Laura doesn’t know!

So those good things I mentioned earlier?  

Well where do I start?

Laura runs a successful photography business called Flashback Photography.  She contributes photographs to The Walleye and takes family photos, baby photos, weddings, and photos to commemorate just about any milestone you can imagine, schedule permitting.

Laura enjoys painting and crafting.  She makes jewelry and sells it under the name Mossberry Moon.  During craft sale season, you can often find Laura with a table of beautiful jewels set up, occasionally accompanied by a myriad of other handmade treasures.  Her prices are decent and the product quality is top-notch.

Aside from all the artsy interests, Laura enjoys her bicycle, spending time with her daughters, gelato, videos of cute animals, video games, and walking around in nature to scout out new backdrops for photography projects.

Tie all that fun stuff up in string, put it in a teeny parcel, throw a nicely styled mop of pink or purple hair on top, and you’ve got yourself a Laura!  

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