Heeeey, cute couple alert!

Here we have Heather.  She is a devoted mother to her son, a talented chef, a hard worker, and a mischievous little trickster.

I don’t actually know if that’s true, but come on, doesn’t it look like Heather wants to hide behind a door and jump out as you walk by?

Heather used to work at Starbucks, then moved to Sweet North Bakery, and is currently making delicious food at The Growing Season.

Aaaaaand!!!  It’s her birthday today!



Here we have Linzee!  Another hard worker, a fearless social activist, and laid back mellow darling.

I don’t actually know if she’s laid back, but doesn’t it look like she wants to kick back with a cold beer while chilling around a backyard bonfire?

Linzee is a founding member of WERQ, which is an event planning group specializing in queer friendly festivities ranging from drag shows to concerts to celebratory and family friendly events during Pride.

Linzee used to work at a shelter for abused women.  It was, understandably, exhausting and draining work; recently it became clear Linzee needed to step back from the social work arena and focus on something less emotionally difficult.  

One simply cannot pour from an empty vessel; now is the time for both Linzee AND Heather to focus on their passions and dreams.  

Enter: Homeslice Bakery!

These two amazing women spend much of their days baking unique and delicious pizzas in their outdoor  (handmade) oven.  The pizza is what Homeslice is best known for, followed closely by the fabulous bagels.  Best bagels in town if I do say so myself!

They also create a variety of vegan desserts.  If you’re looking for something in particular to satisfy your sweet tooth, there’s a good chance Heather and Linzee will work with you to create something according to your specifications.

Look for these babely baker babes at craft sales and the farmer’s market, as well as in their own back yard.

Aren’t they simply ridiculously adorable?  They are adorable yet, also, incredible pillars of strength.  They love working together and sharing their creativity with the people of Thunder Bay.  

If you love what you do for work, you’ll never actually have to work a day in your life! 

And one more thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER!


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