Another lovely lady just bursting at the seams with talent?  

Yeah, might as well!

Here’s Paula!

I took Paula’s picture while she was employed as a bartender/server at Red Lion.  She’s not working there anymore, but I don’t think Red Lion will be mad about being featured as a backdrop.

Don’t think, for a second, that because Paula isn’t mixing fancy drinks she isn’t working hard.  To be honest, I don’t think she ever stops working.

As a young adult, Paula traveled to Costa Rica where she received certification to teach yoga.  

So she’s got that going for her…

But there’s more!

Paula and her partner are both in a band called Morning Light and spend a lot of time rehearsing and performing.  I’ve heard her sing and she’s amazing.  I was almost as blown away by her voice as I was by the sparkly high heels she wore on stage!

Paula does mostly backup vocals for Morning Light but is the lead singer for a band called Foxxy and the Hounds.  

When not singing, Paula is dancing! As one of the head honchos of the Army of Sass dance troupe, she’s always busy dancing, teaching, and again, performing. 

 The Army of Sass have a show on Monday June 19th at the Community Auditorium if you’re interested in seeing some beautiful and sassy women strutting powerfully across a stage, you won’t want to miss it!  Show starts at 8pm!

In her minimal spare time, Paula likes to shower affection on her rescue dog, Luna.

Obviously Paula is amazing and beautiful and ridiculously friendly.  I’ve heard tell from some of her friends that’s she basically a living breathing Disney Princess.  But a super fierce and strong princess who won’t take nonsense from anybody!

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