There’s nothing finer than running into Ray while out and about in search of a hot caffeinated beverage.  Another discovered treasure of a person within the walls of St Paul Roastery.

I’ve known Ray for several years and he’s one of the most genuine and kindest people I’ve ever met.  I told him I was going to write something hilariously mean about him, but I just can’t.  If anybody knows anything bad about him, just tell me, ok?  I think it’s only fair that the rest of us meanies should bring this angel down a few pegs.  

Ray is actually married to an angel so it makes sense.  Two beautiful souls found each other and have committed to raising their children in an environment of creativity, kindness, and compassion.

Ray studied fine arts at Lakehead University and has been tattooing full time for about three years atUnderground Ink.  His work is beautiful and I hope to one day add a tattoo by Ray to my collection.  

As it is now, I consider myself  lucky when I get to share conversation and space with him on my yearly trek to Underground when I get ink from my friend Meghan (who will be featured later, I’m sure!). 

Ray and his wife do a lot of artistic collaboration and have begun creating art under the name Old House Studios.  Everything I’ve seen come out under that name is beautiful and inspiring.  They tackle a variety of styles and mediums but everything maintains a certain rustic country aesthetic.  I see a piece of their art and feel an immediate need to drink a cup of tea on my veranda, listening to the whippoorwills.  Perhaps a basset hound is under my feet and a a bearded man is picking on a banjo in the corner.  Old House Studio creations will transport you to a lazy Sunday afternoon and make your troubles seem less troubling.

Thank you Ray for filling the world with art, both on and off the skin.  I can’t wait to see what else you can do! 

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