I met Ron back in October, before the snow fell and before this stone statue on Algoma was knocked over!

I don’t know if or when the stone statue is coming back but he certainly got a lot of attention while he was around.

I was meeting a certain someone for a first date, but I couldn’t just stand around quietly waiting.  No, that would be unheard of.  I saw Ron looking at the statue and had to go and talk to him.

We talked for about ten minutes and it was clear that neither of us were lacking in things to say!

I don’t remember all of our conversation and of course, back in October, I wasn’t writing anything down.  I wrongfully assumed I’d remember every detail about each person with whom I interacted. 

Misguided I was.

But some of what Ron told me still sticks.  He is a yoga teacher, a tarot card reader, and considers himself an art appreciator.  He is a Druid and therefore considers the natural world and magic to be very important.

I wish I could remember where he teaches yoga, but I cannot.  However, I can say that if you were to meet up with Ron, you would definitely be treated to some interesting and enlightening conversation!

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