There is so much I want to write about this woman!!!

Where do I even begin?!

Sarah was born and raised in Thunder Bay and moved to Florida after high school to work at Disney World.  

Yes, you read correctly: Disney World.

As a Canadian, due to regulations, Sarah had to work at Epcot.  However, one day, while she was washing her hands in a public bathroom (you know, because she just went pee), a woman at the next sink started screaming.  Why?  Because, as an executive from Disney World, she thought Sarah looked just like Snow White and wanted her to go be a princess at the Hong Kong location.  That warrants a screaming fit I suppose!

Alas, Sarah declined.  Even though she kept getting other staff approaching her to reconsider, she was “over the whole Disney thing” by that point.

She moved home and began studying nursing.  Just imagine how different Sarah’s life would have been had she moved to Hong Kong to become a princess!

But it all worked out, as you’ll soon see why…

While working as a nurse, Sarah was curious about all the hand lotions the hospital staff were using. As a nurse, Sarah was washing her hands dozens of times throughout the day and then realized how many chemicals were in the standard lotions provided to employees.  Sarah has always been crafty and creative and she thought to herself, “I could make a better and perhaps safer product.”

Then Sarah needed to take a leave of absence from nursing because of a health issue.  It was a frustrating time but it did allow her plenty of opportunity to begin experimenting with soaps and lotions and other products.  

While developing products, Sarah’s Nana was diagnosed with cancer.  It was quite a trying time while Sarah was dealing with her own health and helping her Nana talk to doctors and attend appointments.  But it was   Also strangely special as it allowed the two of them to spend more time together than they had in past years.

Sarah’s Nana was extremely supportive of Sarah’s creativity and was the first person to buy soap products as gifts for the nurses and doctors on the cancer ward.  It was so important to Sarah’s Nana that she be able to show Sarah how proud she was of her business aspirations by making actual purchases.

Unfortunately Sarah’s Nana passed away before the actual store was open to the public.  But you just know she’s bursting with pride, wherever she is.

And now, it’s been a year!  How can it have been a whole year already?  Time flies when you’re working hard at something you enjoy.

Sarah’s storefront, Lovely Body, is open Wednesday to Saturday from 12-5pm.  Please visit her on St Paul Street; she has beautiful products and is continually thinking of what else she can add to her repertoire.

If you’re interested in cupcake shaped soap and cupcakes you can eat, Lovely Body is having a little “birthday party” on June 17th.  

Stop in for a delicious treat and pick up some soaps and lotions made with high quality and organic products! 

Sarah and her business are such assets to this neighbourhood and to the city!  


  1. gah! Sarah we all love you! You’re truly a Port Arthur Gem, so lucky to have an array of amazing soaps, scrubs and natural body products at our fingertips. Great post Leah! <3

  2. Beautiful inside and out. Her products are amazing!

  3. I have been buying Sarah’ soaps since she opened! My daughters and I love them! Thank you for making them!

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