I met Stephen at a party.  A brief meeting wherein I snapped his picture and he later told me that under no circumstances should that first picture be posted. 

Now you all want to see it, right?  

Well too bad, I deleted it; replaced with an action shot of Stephen at The Sov, working hard to make sure we get the food we want!

Stephen was born in Nipigon and enjoyed an idealic childhood with his mom and sister. Picture country picnics and boat rides.  Thats exactly how it was.  Probably.

The three of them spent a year living in Montreal before moving back to the area, but to Thunder Bay rather than Nipigon.

In his early twenties, Stephen went to Southern Ontario and studied art fundamentals and illustration.  He starting working freelance and then foolishly decided (his words) not to finish his degree.

But alas, as happens to many people, the big city of Toronto just became too much for Stephen.  I understand.   Not everybody wants to live in such a highly populated and fast paced environment.  

With valuable life experience in his arsenal, and an almost degree, Stephen returned to Thunder Bay and finished his schooling.  A visual arts degree followed immediately by an Education degree.

Lack of teaching jobs in Thunder Bay had Stephen searching i the outlying regions for work.  A few years teaching art in Terrace Bay and Sioux Lookout have given Stephen even more experience!  

He’s back once again!  Now it’s time to go back to school for additional teachables and earn a bit of money while bardending and serving at The Sov.

Stephen hopes to one day secure a full time teaching job in the city that he loves to call home.  In the mean time he will keep working hard, with wonderful bits of fun and comraderie sprinkled throughout.  

Well done, Stephen!

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