Can you believe this young woman has been in business for a decade?

The Loop opened its doors in 2007!  It’s hard for me to believe because 2007 seems like yesterday!  But no, that’s an entire decade right there!

Beth and her husband Alan own The Loop and have spent a lot of time and effort turning it into a respectable establishment with high quality and versatile fashion for women.

Beth has an honours degree in mathematics and a masters degree in business management.  Alan studied web design, software engineering, and entrepreneurship. It’s pretty clear that their educational backgrounds, plus a desire to promote shopping locally, combined to form a powerhouse business team.

Photo by Shannon Lepere Photography; I was unable to secure my own photo in time for publication

And congratulations are in order for the dynamic Loop duo as they just welcomed a baby to the family this winter!  The little cutie is a frequent visitor to the store; he’s already in training and will no doubt take over the family business one day.  

No pressure, dude!

In his very limited spare time, Alan loves to play frisbee golf and there’s a fine selection of frisbee golf equipment for sale at The Loop.

In her limited spare time, Beth enjoys dancing and has bee taking ballet classes for years.  She is also a skilled Alpine Italian dancer and teaches classes; her dance troupe is actually traveling to Italy this summer to perform!

So much excitement happening with this lovely little family.  We’re lucky to have them here in Thunder Bay!

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