One of my favourite places to get my hair cut is Pneumaticity.  The people are wonderful, the service is top notch, and there is a relaxing and calming atmosphere that descends the moment you walk in the door.  It’s like a little downtown oasis.  

I don’t get to go as much as I’d like because my “hair styling budget” is usually limited to once or twice a year, plus whatever trims and box dyes I do on my own. But I’ve been going to this establishment since the beginning and it honestly keeps getting better and better.  

Last year Pneumaticity (owned and operated by Susan B, hopefully I’ll catch her on camera one day soon) moved to a larger location (still on Cumberland Street) and it’s even more beautiful and calming than the previous location.  I love it there!

Let’s meet some of the employees!

Let’s start with Tony:


I like this guy.  He’s wonderful.  

Tony has been at Pneumaticity for just about as long as it’s been in business!  He’s done lovely things to my hair; he’s so gentle and soft-spoken.  His capable hands really ease clients into a comfortable bliss.

Tony, a single father to three, spent many years struggling with health issues.  He continued working while dealing with his health and was able to get strong again! And that’s pretty amazing! He’s charming and personable and enjoys travel, music, and finding the perfect pair of leather pants.

Now we meet Sarah:

Eeep!  What an absolute doll!  

Sarah has worked at Pneumaticity for 4 years now.  She is the receptionist and also provides nail and makeup services.

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, she has a degree is in travel and tourism from the College.  Before coming to work at Pneumaticity, Sarah went all the way to New York to learn makeup artistry.

Sarah also loves to travel and learning about other cultures.  She is funny and smart and takes her health and nutrition very seriously.  She also spends time placating her grumpy cat named Toivu. 

Finally, let’s meet Rachael:

Isn’t she cute?  

Rachael’s been cutting and styling hair for two years at Pneumaticity.  Born in Thunder Bay, she learned her skills at Nu Wave Hair School.

Rachael keeps really busy when not at work.  She has two children and a cat and a dog.  She likes to take her little family on fun adventures in the great outdoors, with lots of camping and hiking!


Hopefully I’ll get over to Pneumaticity again soon!  

Maybe I can feature a few more of the amazing people who work so hard to make us regular people look so good!

Please visit their online presence here and stop by one day for a cut and colour.  I’ve never had a bad experience at Pneumaticity; I hope you’ll like it as much as I do!

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