While eating dinner at The Foundry one evening, this classy young woman joined my table for a bit of conversation.

No, it wasn’t my magnetic personality that drew her in.  She works at the health unit with my dining companion from that evening.

Ashley is known as the unofficial clinical nurse specialist at the health unit because she knows everything there is to know about sexual health. She has been a nurse for almost 9 years and her knowledge and skill continues to grow and expand rapidly.  She’s just really damn good at her job.

It’s not all business for Ashley though. She was out for dinner on this particular evening with a large group of ladies, so it’s pretty clear she likes to have fun!
Born and raised in Port Arthur, Ashley lives in an old corner store that’s been converted into a house! That sounds pretty fun to me, I love unconventional domiciles!

Ashley is kept pretty busy at her little corner store, chasing after her two pups, Andy and Shooter.  She also has a cat named Bad Kitty, which is, in my opinion, a hilarious name for a feline!

Look at her laughing and having fun!  What a delightful human being.

Right now Ashley is busy planning her September wedding.  If her upcoming nuptials are anything like her shining personality, it’s going to be a roaring good time!

Best of luck, Ashley, to you and your betrothed as you start the next adventure!


  1. what a nice little story Kayla, you could be a writer! I’m sure Ashley enjoyed it also. Love Nanny

    1. Author

      I’m not sure who Kayla is, but thanks for the comment!

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