Well I woke up this morning humming a Neil Diamond song; thought it was about time you all met Sweet Caroline!

And, may I say, how appropriate it is that Sweet Caroline works at Sweet Escapes!  She gets to make cakes and pies and cookies all day long for the sugar starved citizens of Thunder Bay!

Ok, hold on a minute… The Neil Diamond song is over… 

Up next, Men at Work, with their hit Land Down Under!

Caroline was born in Brisbane Australia.  She and her younger brother, along with their parents, moved to Canada in 2005.  They moved to Dryden (of all places) because they had family already living there.

After high school, Caroline moved to Toronto to study cooking at Bonnie Gordon College.  She moved to Thunder Bay after completing her program and took a job as pastry chef/baker at Sweet Escapes, at the corner of Bay and Machar.

Caroline has two cats and an adorable red-headed boyfriend.  I think we’ll meet that boyfriend sometime next month…

Now, you might be surprised to know that, despite working at a bakery, Caroline’s favourite foods are pizza and potatoes!  

Pizza and potatoes??  Those aren’t cookies!  No, no, it’s true.  Caroline says she loves those foods because they are so versatile and there’s pretty much nothing you can do to ruin them.

I’d also like to mention that I stumbled across Caroline in the laneway behind Sweet Escapes.  She was taking a picture of that delectable cupcake she’s holding.  

I thought, this is a woman who has her priorities in life all figured out.  Obviously I need a picture of her. 

I’m very glad I stopped to talk; it was truly the highlight of my day!  Thank you Sweet Caroline!

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