I like this guy’s style!  

Anyone who can rock a bright hair colour while wearing all black?  Well he’s basically my spirit animal!

Chris here was born in Chelmsford Ontario.  I don’t actually believe that’s a real place, but I suppose I need to give my new spirit animal the benefit of the doubt.

Right.  So.  Chelmsford.  Real place.

After high school, Chris moved to Thunder Bay and studied hair design at the Nu Wave School of Hair Design.  He stayed on after completing his training and is now a stylist at Chatters.  I’ve never had a haircut by this fella, but I bet it would be a great experience.  I’ve heard only good things!


Chris and his partner have been together for over five years and they’re very cute.  They don’t need me to tell them that though.  

They know.  

See?  Ugh.  So cute I almost threw up.

You’ll recognize Chris’s partner as Number 76.

They have two dogs named Lexi and  (get ready for this) Fendi Preston Versace Love Cobain.  They are both Jack Russel mixes and, apparently, the cutest creatures in the world.

Oh let’s have a look then…

Chris works a lot so he doesn’t have an exorbitant amount of time for hobbies but he really loves his job.  And his doggies.  And his partner.  And riiiiibbbs!!!!  And binge watching The Good Wife, Schitt’s’ Creek, and Ru Paul’s Drag Race. 

I feel like this is a perfectly acceptable way to spend time.

It’s nice to have a guy like this in our city, contributing to society with both his hard work AND his charming personality.  

What a sweet gem!

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