This beautiful lady is Danielle.  She’s been in Thunder Bay since the 1970s.

Danielle has one adult daughter and four teeny dogs named Hendrix, Carlos, Mia, and Sophie.

In my opinion, Danielle is kind of like a super hero.  She works at a bank during the day, but she’s so much more than a banker.  A professional to the core when at the bank, but a rebel when she gets home.

Danielle teaches belly dancing at the World Dance Collective on the corner of Bay and Secord.

Danielle also volunteers in her spare time (What spare time???) working with Our Kids Count, and The March of Dimes.

Danielle loves gardening, sparkly jewelry, and getting beautiful manicures!  We definitely shared a moment when we realized we get our nails done at Totally Polished!

Danielle has been working a couple shifts a week at Elfarrow Apparel on Algoma since it opened about four years ago. Danielle helped Kylie with the business since before it was even a business. 

 Not only does Danielle look fabulous in all the clothing, but she is dedicated to helping the business grow in any way she can. There must be something so satisfying about watching something grow from mere idea to brilliant success.

Thank you Danielle, it was lovely to meet you!

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