A long long time ago (ok, ten years), I met a little girl named Elsie.  

She wasn’t actually that little, but she was covered in green body paint.  

It was a costume party!  Or maybe it was Halloween.  I don’t know, it was ten years ago for crying out loud, gimme a break!

Anyway, I couldn’t find a picture of Elsie covered in green, but I found this picture of us from eight years ago.  Baybeeees!

How about a little something more recent?  Not babies anymore:

Anyway, Elsie is great!

Her mom and oldest brother came to Canada from The Phillipines many years ago, when her brother was just a babe in arms.  Elsie’s mom met Elsie’s dad and they fell in love and got married and had two more kids.  Another older brother and wee little Elsie.

Elsie grew up in Thunder Bay surrounded by love and feasts and parties and dozens of family members.

As a teen Elsie started getting really interested in fashion, tattoos, piercings, costumes, and makeup.  

She spent some time working for LU Radio as well as a stint on the air, spinning tracks.  After the radio came a job in web page design.  Elsie was a skilled worker but felt her professional life lacking.  She didn’t love what she did and she had ideas and dreams she wanted to pursue.

So pursue she did.  

A couple years ago, Elsie applied for a grant that enabled her to get started on developing her very own line of cosmetics!!!

Oh Elsie baby, you’ve come a long way!

Hail Cosmetics is a cruelty-free line that began with a selection of uniquely packaged lipsticks.  The second product, launching soon, is a liquid highlighter for the face.  

It’s very important to note that Elsie did extensive research and experimenting; she developed her products through a lengthy process of trial and error.  The end result is nothing short of spectacular.

Elsie and her products have been featured in many publications, including The Walleye.  You can find Hail Cosmetics for sale at various artisan markets, at Mars Clothing on Court Street, and online.

I love that Elsie followed her dream and created something amazing and worthwhile.  Her hard work has really paid off.  

In the near future, Elsie is looking forward to getting married to a terrific guy and developing even more amazing products.

Keep up the good work Elsie, you’re an inspiring story of success!

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