I’m so excited to write about Emily today.  


Because she is a triplet!  

Is that exciting?  Probably not to Emily, but it is to me.  I’ve got a bunch of sisters in my People of Port Arthur collection, but no triplets.

And where did I meet this terrific triplet?  A restaurant bathroom of course!

Weeeellll you know how girls are.  We started talking about hair and makeup and sparkly things and then one thing led to another.  

Behold!  I give you Emily!! 

What a beauty!

Emily and her sisters were raised in Thunder Bay where they had a happy life playing all kinds of hilarious triplet tricks on their exhausted parents.  

And speaking French, mind you.  This was all happening in French.

Emily moved to Ottawa after high school for a year of pre-med, then came back to Thunder Bay and completed a Kinesiology program followed by a nursing program.

In fact, Emily is a very recent graduate and is now working at the hospital on the medical floors.  She loves her job and would eventually like to move to nursing in the emergency department.

Emily has two dogs and two cats and fosters dogs while they look for their forever home.

What a generous and beautiful woman.  Wasn’t I fortunate to strike up a conversation with her?  

Yes, yes  I was!

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