Did you know that this man has the same name as my turtle?

It’s true!

And my middle child used to delight in telling this to Gary every single time we went into Comix Plus.

Sometimes we’d just be walking and he’d say, “Mom, can we go in the comic book store?”  I’d say, “sure!”  Then we would go in, my son would say, “Hi Gary, did you know that you have the same name as my turtle? Okay, bye!”

Repeat a dozen times for over a year.

So this is Gary.  Owner of Comix Plus on Algoma Street.  He has been in business for about twenty-five years, delighting in selling comics and clothes and geek memorabilia to hardcore comic lovers and casual fans alike.

Gary is married to a lovely lady and they have two teenage children children together.  When not at his business, Gary enjoys spending time with his family, listening to music and traveling to see his favourite band of all time.  

Guess what band!!!

Did you guess Kiss?

Ok good, because it’s Kiss.

It’s true, Gary is a mega-fan.  If you let him, he will regale you with tales of his concert attendances for hours!

But he will talk about other stuff as well.  There’s really no end to the topics of geeky fandom Gary is willing (and happy) to discuss!  If you go into Comix Plus for ten minutes, you’ll likely leave an hour later, poorer in wallet but richer in lore and stories.

Gary spent this past weekend chatting with customers as they came and went, already out and about at the annual Busker’s Fest in the Bay/Algoma district.  What a great opportunity for Gary and his staff to meet and greet the friends and fans by keeping the store open and getting into fabulous cosplay costumes.  

Gary and Comix Plus have definitely become a fixture in the downtown scene over the past couple decades!  

If you’re at all interested in comics, graphic novels, pop culture toys, and used media, you won’t want to miss out on Gary’s place.  

Go in and tell him you know of a turtle who has the same name.

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