This past weekend, while visiting in Toronto, I heard someone utter the phrase, “Kevin is Thunder Bay-mous!”

You can imagine my excitement at having such a famous dude in my collection of people!  

His reputation has spread all the way to the cultural hub of the province.

But we’ve got our own little hub here in Thunder Bay and apparently Kevin is a big part of that!

See how he ponders his fame:

Born and raised here in the city, Kevin has been interested in computers and the online world of cyber space since the late 80’s.  

The Internet looked a lot different back then.  Think, mother boards dialling into phone lines and rudimentary chat rooms (I couldn’t begin to explain using proper terminology).

Kevin studied instrumentation and electronics at Con College and is now working as a computer technician for the phone company.

But he does so much more than just “computer stuff.”  His interests are vast and varied.  In a complete juxtaposition to programming and tinkering with the inner workings of computers, Kevin is also a skilled blacksmith!  He tinkers with tools both modern and ancient and he excels at both.

He is also a talented musician, slaying on both the keyboard and drums.

To delve into yet another facet of Kevin, he is what one would consider a connoisseur of beer, spirits, and liqueurs.  His liquor cabinet is majestically stocked with just about anything you could ever imagine!

Here he is, preparing himself (getting all pretty) to sample a new kind of beer from Sleeping Giant Brewery.

He’s a man of many talents.  Some would go as far as calling him a modern day Renaissance Man.  

I believe it.  

Kevin likes to have fun, he’s massively talented, and he works hard.  He embraces his quirks and eccentricities and is genuinely decent to the core.  Kevin is almost universally liked by anyone who’s had the pleasure of making his acquaintance. 

Thank you Kevin.


  1. I also know he has a passion for the Thunder Bay Conservatory! Great article.

  2. i met kevin on a full moon during an eclipse , he was doing his best werewolf routine baying at the moon.. it was as magic gets !

  3. kevin is the most epic person you will ever meet, kindest, most gentle soul as well. he is also bad ass! i have no shame in saying that i love that man and all of his awesomness

  4. He is exceedingly polite, knowledgable, and I’ve never seen him angry.

  5. I have only know Kevin online and he’s still my friend from the Livejournal days. Glad he’s still great (himself). 😀

  6. Kevin is my spirit animal ☺

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