While perusing the Craft Collective locations this past spring, I noticed these delightful ladies set up at Deja Vu Consignment on Cumberland.

My first thought was, “Twins!!!”  

My second thought was, “Don’t you dare go up to them and ask them if they’re twins, don’t put them on the spot like that!”

So I went up to them and asked if they were sisters!  Totally different, right?  


Melissa is the one seated; Marla is standing.

Ugh, they are so cute.  And they’re sisters!  And I just found out they actually are identical twins!  I’m very pleased to be adding this gorgeous pair of identical twin sisters to my ever growing collection of people.

Melissa and Marla grew up in Thunder Bay with two more sisters (four girls!!) and presently enjoy spending time together working on art. 

Together they are Creative Cliffs

I’ll get back to that in a minute….

Both sisters spent many years in the military, Melissa (on the left) out in British Columbia and Marla (on the right) in this area.

Melissa has two teenage daughters and Marla has one teenage son and one teenage daughter.  Melissa has two chihuahuas and Marla has four chihuahuas. 

The sisters have moved past their military careers; their children are almost grown.  They have the time now to pursue art.  Melissa mostly creates art in her leisure time but Marla does it as a full time job.

Their joint venture, Creative Cliffs, has a strong focus on woodworking, particularly one of a kind home decor pieces.  

It’s so interesting that these lovely sisters have followed similar paths in life.  Military, motherhood, and creativity.  How wonderful it must be to contribute beauty and functionality to the world while spending time with your best friend and twin sister.  

Contact the sisters directly through their Facebook page and view their products in person at the new gallery on Algoma Street, The Creative.

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