This is Steve!

Isn’t he cute?

Oh wait…that was the puppy!  

Pardon me!

THIS is Steve and his puppy Finn!

Steve is what you’d call a real cool dude!  He was born in Thunder Bay and grew up with one older sister.  Steve moved on from high school to Con College and studied carpentry like a boss.

He is now currently doing carpentry work in Northern Manitoba on the Keeyask hydropower partnership.  He works on site for a few weeks, then comes home to Thunder Bay for his days off.  

Back and forth, back and forth.  It’s not the easiest life, but it’s been quite an adventure.  Eventually the hydropower project will end and Steve will move onto his next adventure!

In his time away from work, Steve loves hanging out with his beautiful wife, fishing, camping, and hunting.  

He also loves his family and friends. 

A lot.  

Steve experienced quite a tragedy several years ago when his older sister passed away.  And more recently, one of Steve’s best friends passed away.  

To be truthfully and brutally honest, both of these losses were due to suicide.  

Suicide is often considered taboo and people don’t like to talk about it.  It’s seen as a personal failing and a shameful secret.  

But mental illness and depression are not failures.  The tragedy of suicide lies in the people left behind with unending unanswered questions.  “Why did they not ask me for help?”

But alas, the surviving friends and family do eventually move on.  Do they stop grieving?  Of course not.  But they do find a way to live with their loved one’s choice.  It becomes a new way of life.

Steve is an example of a person who was left behind: shocked, angry, questioning, and despaired.  But he keeps going.  He remembers those he lost and continues to love those he still has.  

And he wants to tell you something:  It’s never too late and there’s always hope.  

If you are feeling hopeless, help is just a Google search, and then a phone call, away.

You can find a list of suicide prevention hotlines in Canada here.

The local crisis response facility in Thunder Bay is here.

Life can seem bleak and the obstacles insurmountable.  Maybe you feel like you really have no other choice.

But there is a choice.

Please, if you need to, pick up the phone and say yes to help and yes to hope.

Thank you Steve.  

Your kindness and positive outlook and desire to do good are truly inspiring.  Thank you for sharing your story with me.

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