There is nothing Zack loves more than a beautiful new dress!

Just kidding!  

Zach was actually selling this dress to a customer!  

He works at Creation Body Piercing and is slowly learning to pierce under the supervision of the owner and main peircer, Matt.  

Hopefully I’ll add Matt to my collection of people one day!

Learning to poke holes in people is presently a small part of Zach’s job; he is mostly behind the counter selling the huge variety of beautiful body jewelry, earrings, accessories, and clothing offered at Creation. 

Zach’s getting more and more knowledgeable about the world of body modification and he can likely answer any questions you might have!

But be careful not to go in ten minutes before closing because he might get mad.  You wouldn’t like him when he’s mad…he turns into a a massive skateboarding punky Hulk!  It’s quite disturbing.

Just kidding again!  

Zach is just a big old silly bear.

He loves his skateboard, pizza, beer, and some good heavy rock and roll. His friends at the piercing palace tell me that Zach is hilarious and loves to tease.

Seems like we’ve got a real decent dude in the downtown core; hopefully he sticks around for awhile!

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