I met a lovely lady the other day and her name is Annalisa and she makes soup.  

In local circles, she’s known as the Soup Mama, but she’s so much more than just soup.

While it’s true that her soup has won for best in the city (in the Walleye Reader’s Survey Poll) two years in a row, I’d like everyone to take note that Soup Mama is, in fact, a HOT mama.  

I’m objectifying her, I know.  But I did ask permission before doing so.

Feast your eyes:




Seriously, the soup isn’t the only thing that’s hot in that kitchen.  A feast for the eyes and the tummy.

Okay, now I’m going to be slightly less creepy.

Annalisa was born and raised in Thunder Bay.  After graduating high school, she attended esthetician school and spent several years working at Anne Patrick’s Hair Salon on Camelot.

A car accident derailed her esthetician career, but she moved on to working at Folino’s Superette on Algoma for about a decade.  Overlapping with that career was an eight year stint at TD bank.

Now Annalisa works part time at The Bean Fiend (for which she provides the soup) and part time at Perfect Fit Lingerie on Court.

So you’d think, after all that, Annalisa would need to spend any spare time she might have laying on the couch eating bon-bons.  Nope!  She spends her spare time being a wife and mother to two young children, as well as one pug.

If you’re interested in ordering some soup or buying some soup, all the information you need can be found on the Soup Mama Facebook page!

I’m so impressed with this hard working entrepreneur.  Her tireless work ethic is inspirational and her smile can literally light up a room…and quite possibly your heart.

Go buy some soup.

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