She’s an artist from the top of her shiny silver locks to the tip of her teeny toes.

Betty was born in northern Manitoba and grew up exploring the forests and trees with three siblings.  Betty learned to appreciate and revere the natural world at a very young age.

Betty moved to Thunder Bay, almost thirty years ago, shortly after her son was born.  After moving, she had two daughters.  

Speaking with Betty’s son (number 34 ), I learned that he and his sisters grew up surrounded by art and various creative projects for as far back as they can remember.

There was a time when Betty did art as a side project, as a hobby and for her children while working a “day job” in advertising. 

The advertising career is over now, but the art remains!

And the artist!  I mean, look at this bundle of joy!

Her son says she always has projects on the go and is continually working on something new. Betty also does freelance writing and teaches classes on various art techniques.  And she loves to cook!  

Betty has a blog which seems to be several years out of date, but it’ll give you a bit of an idea of who she is.

Recent happenings and artworks can be followed on her Instagram page.

Information about a recent quilting workshop – threading water – can be found here.

Dear Betty seems to be a bit of an elusive mystery on the World Wide Web, but everybody in town seems to know who she is: an eccentric and talented free spirit who is constantly discovering new ways to see and explore the natural world around her.

It was lovely to run into you, Betty!

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