This beauty was born in Georgetown!  

When I hear Georgetown, I think Georgia so I automatically pictured Isabel picking peaches in the Deep South.  

Don’t you just love how my preconceived notions of the south have influenced my imagination?

But no, Georgetown is a suburb outside of Toronto.  Canadian to the core.  Isabel grew up in suburbia with three older brothers and a dog.

Isabel arrived in Thunder Bay recently, ready to study nursing at Lakehead University.  She has hopes of continuing her education and eventually becoming a sexual health educator.  

Isabel works at The Sovereign Room and enjoys traveling and finding fashionable and comfortable clothes.  She has a pet bunny and absolutely loves pop culture from the 1980s and 90s.

It makes me laugh (or at least chuckle appreciatively) that this young woman is loving on all the funky fashion and iconic items from my childhood.  

Everything old is new again, baby.  Including cat-eye makeup, which Isabel is rocking in the most serious way!  


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