What can I say about Jay?

I mean besides the fact that he’s adorable!

He was born in Thunder Bay but spent the first several years of his life in Nipigon.  He was undoubtedly causing trouble (adorable trouble) with his two little brothers.

He and his family moved to Thunder Bay when Jay was six years old and they’ve been here ever since.

My first encounter with Jay was at The Sovereign Room.  

You may have noticed a pattern over the last several months: I feature a lot of people who work at the Sov!  

What can I say?  The food is delicious, the drinks are terrific, and the staff are incredible.  I go there a lot!

Jay is really no exception to the incredible staff rule (is it really a rule?).  He has been at the Sov for over a year and he was quite friendly and professional.

I didn’t take his picture while dining at the Sov though.  I found him again a few days later when I was getting tattooed at Red River Trade Company.  

Who should I see upon walking in the door?  None other than adorable Jay!  It was his first day as shop assistant.  He was totally fine (or pretended to be fine) while I bothered him during job training.

It’s kinda my thing, y’know?

I love these candid pictures of Jay talking to his fellow workers at Red River Trade Company.

Like many artists and musicians, Jay does indeed supplement his income with his two jobs.  He does have another job though, one that has captured his heart and creativity and brought immense joy to thousands of people.

I’m talking about his band, The Honest Heart Collective!  Jay has been the drummer for about 4 years now and is absolutely killing it.  

The Honest Heart Collective has been described as an old-soul story telling band, but also as a an anthemic rock band fit for the stadium.  They are incredible and exciting and just talented, plain and simple.  

Follow the link above and you’ll be able to connect with the band’s Instagram or check out the website here.

Thank you Jay!  Keep working hard and keep making music.  Your talent in all areas are a service to the city.

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