There’s a hidden gem in the downtown area called Lincoln Street Eatery.  

It’s hidden because it’s off the beaten path, but it’s not hard to find if you know where to look.  

First step, like Lincoln Street Eatery on Facebook.  

Second step, find Lincoln Street!  

Third step, open the gate, for beyond that gate is a land of kitschy delight and deliciousness.

Then take a look at the rules:

Then, please puruse the menu.  It changes frequently but you can keep up with those changes on Facebook.  

You can see oh so many pictures of all the food on the Facebook page too!

My picture of the menu didn’t turn out too well, so here’s one I swiped from Blues Fest week: 

Then you have to realize that this isn’t just your average dining establishment.  The employees are hilarious and wonderful.  And perhaps even a bit kooky!

Then you place your order, and have a seat in the dining area.  Your name will be called when your good is ready!

Oh my food!  

That there is a BLT dog.  I wanted to try another kind but my stomach wasn’t prepared for such an undertaking.  

It’s not health food, no.  But I’d definitely put it in the category of “food of the gods.”  It’s that good and I can’t believe it took me so long to try it.  

I will be going back, you can bet all your wieners on that!

And finally, can we please have a look at the face behind all the wieners!!!

Hello Jen!

I love this picture, she looks so happy!

Jen acquired the property about five years ago and has been experimenting with various kinds of food, most notably, gourmet hot dogs ever since.  She’s made many appearances at various bars and festivals serving her wares from a pop-up hot dog cart of sorts.  A food truck, if you will.

Right from the beginning the customers were thrilled.  Jen was constantly being asked when and where she’d pop up again.  And as of this year (February 2017), she’s popped up permanently on Lincoln Street!

I don’t know Jen very well but I think it’s likely we’ll meet again soon and get to know each other better!  I really enjoyed talking with her; she’s funny and friendly, with just the right amount of sass and sarcasm.  It’s clear that Lincoln Street Eatery is her “baby” and she lives her job so much.  There wasn’t a single negative thing about my experience at Lincoln Street.

Starting tomorrow, Lincoln Street Eatery will be hosting an evening mini market from 4pm to 9pm.  

Farmers and food makers and artisans will be on hand to sell their wares to all the hot dog eaters that come by.  

What a great opportunity to get some fresh produce, a piece of art, or a hot dog.  

Or maybe all three!

Jen is hoping that the Thursday evening markets will become a regular event.  I can’t think of anything more perfect for this part of town.  

I know I’ll be there and I hope you will be too!

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