I know of a special person who’s having a birthday today!

I won’t tell you his age, but I will tell you that he’s turning almost forty today!!  Oooooo!  Almost forty is totally the new almost thirty!

The first time I met Kal was when he was bartending at the Sovereign Room, many years ago.  I asked him to make me a special drink because I couldn’t decide what I wanted.  He made some sort of magical maple whiskey concoction.  To this day I’ve never had anything so delicious.

That’s a slight exaggeration.  But the point is, Kal is a terrific bartender and he makes yummy drinks.  

He moved on from The Sovereign Room and took jobs at other establishments over the years, including Wacky Wings and most recently, The Fastlane.

The most exciting development in Kal’s professional life is the new pop-up bars at various locations around town.  

These pictures were taken when Kal brought all his own supplies to a previously arranged locale (The Royalton) and served up specially invented drinks to the eager and enthusiastic public.  

Goodness me, look how happy he is!  It’s safe to say that Kal really enjoys his work.


Kal also enjoys spending time with his hilarious and beautiful wife and cuddling with his little bird Tucker.  That’s not even a euphemism.  Kal and his wife have a pet bird named Tucker.  They also have a cat who enjoys sitting on things.

Kal also enjoys tackling various home improvement projects and collecting funky baseball caps and cool tshirts.

Aside from a few sporadic encounters over the last decade, I’ve only recently started getting to know Kal better.  He’s incredibly funny, kind, well spoken, and intelligent.  

I know it probably sounds like someone *cough*Kal*cough* paid me to say some of those nice things, but I assure you that’s not the case.  

All true.

Cheers to you, kind sir!  

Best wishes and many happy returns to you on your birthday!

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