Here’s something you don’t see everyday: a nice young couple with a baby!

Just kidding!

Nice young couples with a baby are a dime a dozen, but each has something wonderful and special that makes them stand out from the rest.

I first met Lauren about… twenty-five years ago.  

Whoa, I didn’t expect the number to be that high when I started counting.

We met through a pen-pal program for French Immersion classes in different schools.  I received Lauren’s letter and had a very difficult time deciphering the name signed to the bottom.  The writing was so sloppy that I assumed my pen pal was a boy and I was very disappointed.  

Imagine my delight upon actually meeting another little blond Finn girl at the pen pal skating play date.   Phew!

Lauren grew up in Thunder Bay with a mom, a dad, a younger sister, a three-legged dog, and an incredibly numerous extensive family full of aunts and uncles and cousins.  

Lauren studied accounting in University and eventually wrote the Chartered Accountant’s exam (and passed onviously). She is currently on maternity leave from her job with the city of Thunder Bay.

Eric also grew up in Thunder Bay.  He too grew up with a mom and a dad but he has an older brother and his childhood dog had all four legs.  

Eric took civil engineering and construction courses at Con College and is now working as the Construction Superintendent for Union Gas.  He has a lot of experience working construction and carpentry and did an amazing job renovating their house in the last decade.

Lauren and Eric recently celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary and have been settling in nicely with their little baby who is about to reach the one-year mark.  

The near future will be bringing Lauren’s return to the work force and becoming an aunt and uncle (and cousin!) for the first time.  The farther future will see the construction of a dream house out in the country.

Lots of excitement to look forward to in the next while! 

It’s always so wonderful to watch a family grow and succeed.

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