Hello blogospheroids!

It’s me, Number 8, and I’m taking over People of Port Arthur for today.

I am doing this because today is a very special day… It’s our lovely and talented hostess’ birthday. Her Squad decided that she needed to be up here too, and as both her birthday and nice round Person #200 were coming up, that it was time.

So… Leah: Two Hundred

When this diminutive dynamo focuses on you, prepare to be swept up in hilarious shenanigans. I’ve known her peripherally for a while, but it was just about a year ago that she decided quite firmly that we were friends. Since then, we’ve just been having fun. She even introduced me to my sweetie (Number Fifty-Nine).

Talk about shenanigans, who else would have hired a makeup artist, photographer, and rented a venue to take pictures of a Mad Hatter Tea Party for no particular reason? It’s just a thing she does. She gathered other friends before that, and did a full superhero photo shoot. Because it was fun, and fun is what she does!

Her three young boys and her surly yet charming fella keep her busy almost all of the time. You can read about them on her other blog, Eating Dirt. She’s also super artsy, always drawing amazing pop art. See some of her work Over here.

When she comes out to play, she gathers up the most wonderful and eclectic group of people I know – The Squad

She builds community. She does it by adopting, at times almost abducting, any interesting person that crosses her path, and throwing them into the mix.

This is hard to write, because I want it to feel like a PoPA post, short, sweet, and to the point. She’s creative, loving, hilarious… but I could spend all day telling you about Leah and you still wouldn’t understand. So I’ll leave you with some advice:

When she comes up and says “hi” to you out of the blue (and she will, it’s only a matter of time) say hi back – and get ready, something wonderful is about to happen.

Now, she’s given me access to type this up myself, and promised not to edit it. Let’s see how that holds up!

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