The first time I saw Madison was a few years ago at The Sovereign Room.  She was bringing me my food and I thought, “I like her style.  She’s wearing high waisted mom-jeans, but daaaaaaayum she looks adorable!”

Madison won’t even try to deny it: she rocks the mom-jeans all day and every day.  And you know what.  I’m right there with her.  High waisted pants and shorts forever!!!

So aside from being extremely fashion forward, Madison is also ridiculously crafty.

She started doing embroidery almost two years ago.  Her designs are available at Red River Trade Company and at various craft sales and artisan markets scattered throughout the seasons.

Madison comes from a wee place called St Joseph’s Island, which is near Sault Ste Marie.  She moved to Thunder Bay about four years ago and studied gerentology and Psychology at Lakehead University.

In addition to waiting tables at The Sov and being a creative embroiderer, Madison also works at Red River Trade Company as the “counter girl.”  She answers the phone, makes apppointments, takes payments, does some cleaning, and makes people laugh. 

Madison enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, eating copious amounts of sushi, and squealing about how cute rats are.  She’s not wrong.  Rats are adorable.

And so is Madison!

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