Beautiful, talented, friendly…

But enough about me!

Ohhhhh! *rim shot*

But seriously folks, this is Steph.  

Look closely upon her retro vintage styled beauty and be blown away!

I’ve been seeing her around Underground Ink for several years now and was always so taken by her brilliant hair colours and sweet smile.  

Actually getting to have a conversation with her though was such a treat.

Steph was born in Thunder Bay and grew up with a brother and two sisters.  She now lives with her boyfriend John and their dog Lodi.

Steph was in the visual arts program at Lakehead Unibersity before being accepted as an apprentice at Underground.

Underground started out as a small tattoo establishment, many years ago, with just two artists.  In the last decade the location has changed and expanded, as has the staff.  

There are now five full time artists, six counting Steph.  She was so fortunate to apprentice under some of the best artists in town and, now that she’s working mostly on her own, has proven herself to be extremely talented and professional.

As a tattoo lover, I feel strongly that I’ll need to add Steph’s work to my ever expanding collection.  It’s inevitable.  

You should go book an appointment with her immediately because, as I’ve been told, “she’s good at everything!”

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