My dining companion and I had a lovely chat with our waitress at Red Lion the other day!

We learned that Tessa hails from Dryden Ontario and ventured to the “big city” about 15 years ago when it was time to think about post secondary education.

Tessa has a Bachelor of Arts and a bachelor of education from Lakehead University.  She met her husband a few years after moving to Thunder Bay and he also went through the education program at LU.

Doesn’t she look adorable holding my martini??  

Tessa and her husband, who were married about eight years ago, have a young daughter and a cute little pug named Shelby.

Tessa works at Red Lion and Moxie’s as a waitress and then spends many hours a week teaching at Thunder Bay Literacy.  I’m just going to go ahead and say that Tessa and her husband have a pretty busy life!

This is Tessa saying, “What?? You guys know where Dryden is??”  

Of course we do! 

 My dining companion that evening is also from Dryden and so is my mom and her four brothers.    

It’s like a big old Dryden reunion around here!  Norwestern Ontario is a big place: expansive and vast and relatively unpopulated.  

But it’s also very small.  That can either be annoying or comforting.  I’m going to go with comforting today!

Thank you Tessa, it was lovely to meet you!

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