I met a pretty fabulous person a few weeks ago named Cortney.  I knew she was fabulous the moment I saw her because she was rocking a quirky patterned ensemble paired with some fierce dark lipstick.  

I thought, I’m going to talk to this fabulous individual and take her picture.  

What a great sport!

Cortney was born in Thunder Bay and has mostly lived here, except for a year long stint in Winnipeg.

She was my waiter at In Common (where I first saw her) and has been working there for about a year.

Cortney is very interested in what Todd has to say; Todd is actively trying to ignore her

Cortney has also been working at Bedlam Headshop on Algoma for several months and, most recently, is working and apprenticing at Pneumaticity.  

So, In Common and Pneumaticity on South Cumberland and Bedlam on South Algoma. Dear Cortney is definitely representing in the downtown core!  

You could walk into any of these three establishments and be greeted by this absolute delight.  If you see her in the afternoon, you could even call it an afternoon delight.  

Delightfully sweeping up MY hair at Pneumaticity

Cortney is actually a trained dental technician, but it’s plain to see her talents are being put to use in other ways.  She’s very stylish and social and is going to be an amazing hair dresser when her training is complete.  

Aside from working oh so many jobs and hanging out with her cats (Rotund and Slim Sadie), Cortney is very active in the Drag scene.  

About five years ago, she began performing with Fantasy Haus in drag as a male character.  After a couple years she transitioned over to performing as a flamboyant female character called Amiah Vahjine.  

Cortney has so much fun performing with her fellow drag Kings and Queens and just loves being part of an inclusive community that is all about celebrating love, expressing yourself through style and music, and just having a great time.

Thank you Cortney for letting me glimpse into your beautiful and eclectic life.


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