A local entrepreneur!  

Justin was born in Newmarket, Ontario (somewhere near Toronto) and graduated from Wilfred Laurier University in 2002.

Justin, looking for a smaller city experience after graduating, moved to Thunder Bay a several years ago with his wife.  

Justin has two young sons and used his experience as a father to boys to name his company: Frape and Sons. You’ll likely want to visit the Facebook page as well as the website!

Frape and Sons Boutique Bitters!  Justin prides himself on making high quality bitters for all your cocktail needs (and other sorts of recipes too, like salad dressings).  The company tries to use locally sourced materials and ingredients as often as possible!

Justin is a company man through and through!  Just look at him up there, sporting a Frape & Sons tshirt! I think it’s probably easy to be a company man when you own the company!

In addition to being something of a culinary creative expert and being a devoted dad, Justin really enjoys the finer things in life.  

He loves to travel to Southern Ontario a lot to visit family, he loves a good scotch and a nice cigar, and he loves repairing and restoring (and driving) stunning vintage vehicles.

He’s friendly, resourceful, and passionate about what he does.  He’s a good person to know.

And…it’s his birthday today!!!

I won’t reveal his age, but I will say that he’s not quite forty!

Happy birthday Justin!

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