Wait…did that say TWO THIRTEEN?

It did.  

It really did.

Do you know the significance of number 213?  It’s not a pretty story, but it certainly is fascinating.  Morbidly fascinating.

213 was the apartment number of the infamous serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer.  Tom Araya (frontman of the world renowned heavy metal band, Slayer) was fascinated by serial killers.  He wrote a song called 213 which explicitly and uncomfortably delves into the mind and sickness of Dahmer.  

Featured on the 1994 Slayer release titled Divine Intervention, it’s one of Meghan’s favourite bands, albums, and songs!  

Don’t let the subject matter of the song put any ideas about Meghan into your head though.  Yes, she is a devoted fan to the loudest and most hardcore music around, but she is also one of the cutest and sweetest people I know.

Wait…she’s actually not that sweet.   She’s silly and funny, yes, but also a bit crude and irreverent!

But she’s sweet to me and that’s all that matters!

Meghan grew up in Thunder Bay with one younger sister.  She has a big close-knit family and to this day, she maintains that her parents are some of her favourite people and best friends in the world.

Meghan graduated from the Fine Arts program at Lakehead and began apprenticing at Underground Ink in June of 2008.  

Ooooooh, she started in the world of tattooing during the same summer that I popped out my first kid.  

That’s gotta mean something!

She’s been working as an established and sought after tattoo artist for many years now.  Her waiting list is long but you will NOT be disappointed with her work. Meghan was voted best tattoo artist in the city (in the Walleye Reader survey) for several years and she lives up to the title of best.  

It’s hard for me to just outright say Meghan is the best, because I have a number of friends in this city who are amazingly gifted and talented tattoo artists.  I don’t particularly want to play favourites but I will say that Meghan is wonderful in basically every way!

I met Meghan many years ago as we had several friends in common.  We didn’t become good friends until she started putting large colourful pieces of ink all over my body.  I will continue to see her at our yearly appointment for as long as I possibly can.

In addition to heavy metal, Meghan loves hunting and fishing and football.  She loves being in nature and she loves her jeep and her motorcycle.  She loves spending time with her amazing boyfriend, cuddling with her cat and dog (Pooka B and Hemi respectively), attending music festivals, and having a cold one with her best friends.  Meghan is also a gifted part-time photographer.  

Part time photog, full time awesome.

Meghan is more amazing than my little article could possible convey.  She works hard and is loyal to a fault.  Any time I get to hear her laugh (one of the best laughs in the world) I know it’s going to be a wonderful day.


  1. Yes Meghan definitely kicks major ass!! I was wondering when she would appear in your People of Port Arthur page!

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