Well we met her husband and her dog.  We’ve even met her brother!

It’s about time we meet Shannon!

Good grief, she’s a cutie!

Shannon was born and raised in Thunder Bay, with not one but two brothers.  

After high school, Shannon attended some university and then took a job with the Thunder Bay Charity Casino; she’s been there for 17 years now!  

Shannon is an amazingly dedicated employee and is a great leader to all the people with whom she works.  Shannon married her high school sweetheart about a decade ago and they’ve dedicated their lives to being good workers, parents to beautiful fur babies, and an amazing aunt and uncle.  

In January of this year, a friend invited Shannon to try out a dance class.  This particular dance group – Army of Sass – is known for super sassy costumes and dancing in high heels!  

Shannon, being unable to even walk in heels, was pretty hesitant.  She grudgingly attended a free promo class and then something interesting happened: she was hooked!  She signed up for classes right away and has even performed in front of large audiences at the Community Auditorium.

In Shannon’s own words:

Having never danced before, this whole endeavour was completely terrifying. While I still feel like the inflatable wacky arm guy when I dance, I also feel so confident and empowered when I go up on stage. 

(Photo by Ascension)

Army of Sass is an amazing organization with a desire to give back to the community.  Shannon has been asked to be the fundraising and volunteer coordinator. 

Fundraising and charitable giving is Shannon’s passion.  Several years ago she helped coordinate the 2012 flood relief effort at St.Peters church.  She was Vice President of the local charity FAWN where low cost spays and neuters are offered to low income families (for their pets), and has volunteered at the Humane Society.  

Currently Shannon is co chair of the Employees Making a Difference committee at the casino and has been part of that particular organization for over a decade. 

More thoughtful words from Shannon: 

I live to be the change I want to see in the world and just want to make it a better place for everyone, humans AND animals.

I think what I’d like to take away from Shannon’s day of sharing is that it’s never to late to try something that scares you.  And it’s never too late to do something that’s helpful.  

This beautiful woman has a heart of pure gold and I’m lucky I got to meet her!

If you’re interested in trying out a dance class, there are some free classes this week and a meet & greet on September 17th.  Please contact Army of Sass for more information!!

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