She seems really quiet and mysterious.  But then you have a longer conversation and you realize, Tina is hilarious!

It’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for anyway!

Tina was born in Toronto and moved to this area with her parents and two brothers around age seven.  Much of their family is still down in the GTA; Tina while has ventured back a few times to live and visit but she keeps finding herself back in Thunder Bay.  

The smaller city life isn’t for everyone but Tina is making it work and, may I say, kicking so much ass.

Many moons ago (we don’t have to say how many), Tina attended Sheridan College for two years.  She began her career in esthetics shortly after.  Presently Tina is working at Totally Polished on Algoma.  

Now I’ve never been Tina’s client, but people rave about her.  There are actual and literal late night raves dedicated to Tina and her technical beauty prowess.

In addition to pedicures, Tina is skilled at providing lash extensions, facials, and I’m told she can do a sweet Brazilian wax.

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Go get some hair ripped out of your most sensitive areas, then get a different kind of hair affixed to your eyelids.  You’ll look amazing up top and feel pretty amazing down below.

This is what Tina looks like when you catch her in the middle of prep! 

This is what Tina looks like when she’s caught hugging one of her coworkers!  That’s Dana, the lovely lady who used to does my nails.

In addition to working as an estetician, Tina keeps busy with her teenaged son and daughter, occasionally working out, paddle boarding, and camping.  Not that she ever has much time for extra curricular because she’s also working on a Master’s in Social Justice at Lakehead University. 

You can clearly see that Tina is a powerhouse with all that she accomplishes during the day.  It’s pretty shocking how fabulous she is and I think Thunder Bay is pretty lucky to have her.  

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