Months ago, oh so many months ago, I asked Trish if I could take her picture.  Then I lost that picture.  

How does one lose a picture?  I don’t know.  I lost poor Trish a few times, resulting in three different pictures on three different days.  

Because of course I found the pictures again.

Thankfully Trish is a patient person; I’ve had a great time chatting with her over the last year.

Trish was born and raised in Nipigon, then took off for the big cities of Southern Ontario after high school graduation.  She studied interior design in London Ontario, and spent many years working in Pickering and Mississauga.

It wasn’t until recently that Trish ventured back to this part of the province.  

Why did she do that?

Love, baby!

In 2014, she decided to attend the fall fishing festival in her hometown and that is where she met her husband.  I guess they bonded over lures and fish guts.  It’s actually impossible not to fall in love if you clean and filet fish together.

Trish decided to move back to the north in order to start a life with the lovely man she met.  They were married in December of 2016 and are now living a pretty picturesque life as a family of four.  Trish is now a step mom to two terrific kids!

When Trish decided to “move home” she knew she wanted to do something that would put her interior design degree to use.  

Trish has always loved hunting for unique decor items and simply adores the idea of mixing retro pieces with modern.  Opening a furniture consignment store with both old and new seemed like the perfect fit.

Now, I’ve been in Deja Vu dozens of times since it opened on August 4th 2016.  It’s a lovely space and so beautifully put together.  Everything is displayed perfectly.  Ninety-five percent of the stock is sold on consignment and the rest is brought in as newly purchased decor items to compliment the aesthetic.  

The result is just spectacularly alluring and incredibly cozy.  I want everything Trish sells.  Mostly I just drool over everything, wishing I had unending rooms to fill up with beautiful vintage pieces.

Trish is such a wonderful addition to the downtown Port Arthur area and to Thunder Bay as a whole.  She and her little family enjoy camping and fishing (obviously) and like to get a bit sporty every so often (volleyball!).

Please go and see the goods at Deja Vu.  All in all, it’s such an uplifting experience, whether you want to buy something specific or just look.  

Thank you Trish for bringing beauty and a calming grace to the neighbourhood.

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