Let’s meet a couple more Sweet Escape employees!

First up, Justin!

I’ve been told he radiates charisma.   

Doesn’t that sound fun?!  

Justin is fond of knowledge and loves to learn new things; he always has something to add to any conversation. 

Justin is a cat person.  This doesn’t mean he lands on his feet and chases little red laser dots (although he might).  It means he and his girlfriend own three cats, one of which has a brain disability that causes her to shake uncontrollably. 

Though Justin enjoys his job at the bakery, he also works a second job as a security guard.  He is also an accomplished musician, excelling on the piano, the drums, and the guitar.   

Justin has been thinking about pursuing a career in Law.  

Now, just look at that smile, will you?!


Second up, it’s Will!

Will was born in Thunder Bay but grew up in Dryden Ontario with an older brother and his dad.  He moved back to Thunder Bay with his girlfriend in 2013 and has been working at Sweet Escape (on and off) ever since.

Will and his girlfriend have two cats (I guess Will is somewhat of a cat person too!).  He loves video games and writing music, and spending time with his little nephew.  

Will is a terrific singer and performer.  He’s performed in cover bands as Billy Talent and Rage Against the Machine.  I’ve been told he has an amazing stage presence.  Hopefully we’ll see this guy on the stage again real soon!

Will has a degree in Sociology and is currently finishing a degree in Philosophy.  Soon he’ll be pursuing a law degree!

And look, another Guy Smiley!

So we have two pretty talented boys here.  


Not boys…

Men!  Two cheerful and talented men who are so much more than pastry pushers!  

Baking delicious treats for a living is a wonderful way to serve the community, but Justin and Will have so much more they want to do!

These smiley Wonder twins are adorable and CLEARLY going places.  

Well done!

And may I just say, in closing, that I’d like to wish Justin (dude in the toque) a beautiful and happy birthday!  He’s twenty-three today!

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  1. These two are some of the most loyal, generous, kind and caring people you could ever meet. I am truly blessed to know them. Much love!

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