Do you think Friday the 13th is fun because you’re a big horror movie fan?  

Or do you have worries about Friday the 13th because you’re…. superstitious??

Is it a good day or a bad day for you?  Is it just another day like all the rest?

Personally, I think it’s a good day!  I like the tie-in with the popular horror franchise and with Halloween.  You know, spooky stuff!  I also find the superstitions about the number thirteen to be interesting, but mostly it’s just a fun day.

Stay with me as I attempt to segue this arbitrary calendar date into our next person of Port Arthur.


She’s a psychic!

Do you think psychics are fraudulent and silly or do you believe they can see auras and sense vibrations from the beyond?  

I’ll tell you what I think.  I think Katherine is dedicated to her profession AND I have an open mind.  I had a lovely conversation with her and I hope to see her again!

Katherine was born in Thunder Bay and made a point of telling me that her older brother was born in Port Arthur, but they were actually born at the same hospital.  That was her way of telling me that her brother is soooooo much older because he was born before Thunder Bay was even a recognized city.  

We hear you Katherine, your brother be old.

Katherine graduated from the Theatre program at Dalhousie University in the late 90s and then began exploring her interest in the paranormal as a hobby.

Katherine began providing psychic services for about fifteen years now.  Six years ago, she was able to devote herself full time to her ever growing home business.  Katherine says her cat, Whisper, is her supervisor at home.  I’d like to know if Whisper spends the days sleeping or is actually supervising.

The services Katherine offers to clients are extensive:

Tea leaf readings

Tarot card readings

Crystal readings

Aura readings

Reiki healings

Therapeutic touch healings

Crystal healings 

Katherine is trained in each area to provide you with the most professional service possible.

You can find her most Thursday nights at Sweet Escapes for tea leaf readings, as well as special engagements.  I caught her here (as photographed) at the Lincoln Street Eatery artisan market earlier in the year.

Katherine has an online shop called Gratitude Gem Oils where you can learn more about her services, purchase certain products, and book consultations or appointments.  There’s information about Katherine’s upcoming appearances as well. Also, please follow her on Facebook!

Katherine says, 

A great deal of my passion as both a person and a business, is focused on crystals. I will often say in conversation, “I have a rock for that.” And laugh at myself even as I do it.

It’s pretty clear that Katherine is dedicated to her work and what’s more, she loves her work.  It’s rare indeed to have a job focused on helping others that also brings so much joy to the worker.  


Whether you’re about the watch Jason slash the Crystal Lake campers to bits on Friday the 13th, or you’re about to get a tarot card reading, leave your preconceived ideas at the door.

In many situations (yes, even scary movies), the possibility of fun and enlightenment is endless when you open your mind.

Thank you Katherine.  Your kind and compassionate heart is what this city, and this world, needs.

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