I first met Mary twenty-two years ago.  

Whaaat?!  Can you believe that??

I was at a birthday party.  This young girl was there, full of sparkle and jubulance.  She dropped her cake on the floor.  It was hilarious.

I didn’t see her again until my Grade 10 year.  We had different “friend circles” in high school and we only ever had one class together (Geography with Mr McKenzie!) but we always had nice conversations.  

Every Halloween Mary dressed up as Pikachu and gave out candy to all the kids in ALL her classes!  Trust me, everyone was excited to see that adorable Pokémon on candy day!

Mary was born in Thunder Bay and grew up with an older brother.  She was a star ringette player in her younger years and loved learning all the maths and sciences.

In University, Mary continued with Maths and Sciences and paired it with a teaching degree.  After a few years of supply teaching (and a few out of town teaching gigs), Mary is back in Thunder Bay working full time with the Science North Organization.

Mary lives a pretty full life here with her friends, her endearing (and hilarious) parents, her adorable nephews, and her fun-filled Science-y career. That’s not sarcastic at all by the way!  

Mary is literally a ray of sunshine and kids love her.  My own kids always ask me if Mary is going to be there when it’s time for Science North summer camps.  I don’t blame them at all because Mary makes almost everything fun!

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